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Opening Keynote Powered by CANVAS

Immersive Design Studios took Zoomtopia’s opening keynote by Zoom CEO Eric Yuan to a whole new level this year. We combined the strength of the Zoom platform with an immersive experience powered by CANVAS to seamlessly blend Zoom participants, keynote presentations, live product demos, social media feeds and realtime Zoom chats & emoticons – all inside a 3D Unreal Engine Zoom-branded environment.

To achieve this highly responsive and larger-than-life virtual environment, we equipped the main stage with CANVAS to power a massive 20K LED wall. Throughout the keynote, from a pool of  thousands participants joining via Zoom, up to 30 appeared randomly on screen – not in a grid, but as 3D bubbles floating in virtual space surrounded by animated emojis, floating chat messages and live media presentations with 16K video backgrounds.

In fact, to create these responsive graphics, CANVAS pulled and translated via OSC live data such as the reactions and chat messages from the Zoom participants, as well as the web feeds from Zoomtopia’s social media.

The result? A one-of-a-kind immersive hybrid conference with rich visuals and a high level of audience engagement.

Parties involved in creating this hybrid event:

Media server platform: CANVAS

Conference platform: Zoom, Zoom ISO, Zoom OSC

CANVAS content production: Immersive Design Studios

Event Production: Four Moon Productions

Event Agency: Agency EA

CANVAS Studio – Worre Studios

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Gopro Network Marketing

Immersive Design Studios supported the opening of Worre Studios in Las Vegas, a 25,000 square foot state-of-the-art production stage, equipped with a 360-degree LED wall that is powered by CANVAS.

The Studio is designed and developed by Immersive Design Studios to offer the most advanced solution for live, participatory events and a shared communal experience for speakers and attendees alike, with all the spontaneity and energy of a physical event. The stage is surrounded by a wraparound video wall capable of displaying a mosaic of attendee video feeds, enabling the talent  to see the entire audience and engage with individuals directly. CANVAS also provides a stunning visual experience for the audience, as the speaker can immediately integrate 3D environments, dynamic lighting, visual effects, and music as desired. Worre Studios launch event, Virtual Go Pro, drew over 40,000 attendees to hear insights from guests such as business coach Eric Worre and actor Sylvester Stallone.

Immersive Design Studios continues to innovate with the latest features of CANVAS to create powerful bi-directional audience engagement — raising the bar for virtual and hybrid events, and helping industry leaders find new ways to meaningfully connect with their audiences.

CANVAS Studio – Tony Robbins UPW Virtual

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Tony Robbins

UPW Virtual

Our CANVAS technology platform enabled Tony Robbins to completely reimagine and transform his signature Unleash The Power Within (UPW) events amid the COVID era. For years, he has relied on physical in-person events to share his motivational lessons and authentically connect with his audiences. When COVID hit, he called on Immersive Design Studios to help him deliver the same powerful experience virtually.

We worked with Tony and his team to design and outfit a virtual CANVAS studio, complete with two immense 180-degree wraparound screens. This immersive setup allowed Tony to address a record-breaking crowd of 23,000 participants, all of whom joined remotely. CANVAS removed the constraints of a typical video grid, so that Tony could be surrounded by the participants on the screens in real time, and achieve spontaneous two-way interactivity with any participant at any moment. All the while, he could move freely throughout the expansive studio space, with the screens showing dynamic 3D environments for the audience, and the ability to integrate elements such as live performers, music, lighting and visual effects on the fly.

Tony’s CANVAS studio provided a safe and engaging new way for him to connect with his audience virtually, while maintaining the level of intimacy, energy, and improvisation for which he is known. This experience raised the bar for what can be achieved with a live virtual event, and Tony has since hosted several others, with more to come. 

Watch full video with sound of the event here

CANVAS Cloud – Riot Games’ League Championship Series (LCS)

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Riot Games

League Championship Series (LCS)

We recently worked with Riot Games’ League Championship Series (LCS), the third-most popular major professional sports league among 18 to 34-year-olds in the United States, to design and execute a fully virtual studio for their regional esports league. Amid the COVID-19 shutdown, we designed an expansive 3D virtual world – the LCS DOME – to remotely live stream all matchups during the LCS Summer Split season and playoffs.

Our CANVAS software platform powered the live production for each LCS match, handling the LCS DOME’s 3D virtual environments, seamless integration of remote video feeds from analysts and players, dynamic virtual camera movements with over 75 virtual cameras, and more. Using the CANVAS API, the LCS team easily integrated CANVAS into their existing broadcast workflow for live, fully cloud-based control over all components of the virtual studio with nothing more than an iPad. 

The new LCS DOME features a massive, clear geodesic dome set in a lush island landscape, with a variety of elegant interior environments for live commentary, post-match analysis, player interviews, and sponsor highlights. The exterior landscape is visibly dynamic through the dome’s clear panels, with realistic wildlife floating by and the clouds and physically-accurate lighting changing throughout the day. Live video feeds from analysts and players, all working remotely, are incorporated in various configurations into each interior environment.

Watch the full video with sound via this link: https://vimeo.com/454385255/69e612d396

One Vanderbilt Immersive Experience

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SL Green Realty Corp.

One Vanderbilt Sales Center

SL Green is New York City’s largest landlord of office space. Its latest development, One Vanderbilt Avenue, is a 58-storey, 1.7 million square foot tower currently under construction across from Grand Central Terminal. In New York’s  highly competitive market for for commercial tenants, SL Green turned to Immersive to help drive an innovative sales and marketing approach.

Immersive created a virtual sales center powered by CANVAS, where prospective tenants can step inside true-to-scale, photoreal immersive interior spaces — complete with jaw-dropping city views. This groundbreaking use of immersive technology powered by CANVAs enabled SL Green to secure financing and key tenants on an accelerated basis and start construction ahead of plan.


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CES Keynote

To dazzle the crowd at its annual CES keynote, which draws over 3,000 attendees, NVIDIA partnered with Immersive and leveraged the power of CANVAS.

For the duration of the keynote address, where NVIDIA presented its vision for the year ahead in gaming, TV, and transportation, CANVAS powered a slate of dynamic content across a curved screen the size of a football field. Combining images, videos, and animations, the display was nearly 30,000 pixels wide and 1,080 pixels tall – nearly 2 billion pixels per second — all at ultra high resolution.

The end result was a larger-than-life immersive virtual reality experience for the packed house of attendees.

Vancouver Canucks Pre-Game Show

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Rogers Arena

Vancouver Canucks Pre-Game Show

Vancouver’s Rogers Arena is the 18,000-seat home to the NHL’s Vancouver Canucks. Ahead of the 2016-2017 NHL season, the team turned to Immersive Design Studios to help implement a system for dazzling ice projections to excite the fans.

Immersive both installed a CANVAS server system and collaborated with the Canucks’ content production team to design custom ice projections, including interactive live content that is rendered in high resolution — such as tracking the Zamboni as it cleans the ice between periods, and running pinball-style games across the rink. Thanks to CANVAS, the content appears crystal-clear on the ice, stimulating fans and satisfying sponsors.

Montreal Canadiens Pre-Game Show

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Bell Centre

Montreal Canadiens Pre-Game Show

Montreal’s Bell Centre, home of the Canadiens, is known for its dazzling pre-game shows projected onto the ice — however, historically these projections required tedious and time-consuming workarounds to minimize image blurring. Immersive Design Center’s CANVAS server technology was installed to create a more effective workflow and drive the Bell Centre’s 12 projectors.

With CANVAS’ ultra HD capabilities, the rendered images shown on the ice are nearly as sharp as they would be on a flat surface — enabling broadcasters to showcase the Canadiens’ pre-game shows on national television with crisp clarity. CANVAS has totally overhauled the Bell Centre’s pipeline to be more efficient — eliminating most legacy AV tools, and reducing projector calibration time from hours to minutes — all the while delivering a memorable experience to the arena’s 21,000 fans and audiences at home.

Immersive Classroom

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Centre de formation professionnelle des Riverains

Immersive Classroom

Montreal’s Centre de Formation Professionnelle des Riverains, a vocational school providing training in design, accounting, IT, sales, and other fields, recently called on Immersive Design Studios to help build a forward-thinking classroom for professional training.

Riverains’ CANVAS classroom has a 104-foot wraparound screen and 14 HD projectors showing 360-degree content, all powered by CANVAS and easily controlled by the instructor with an iPad. In addition, the setup can support up to 4 video layers simultaneously, so that instructors can overlay real world video with graphics, CAD data, and other instructional elements. This immersive classroom setup helps students better simulate real world environments and scenarios, and invites the opportunity for more collaborative learning.

Charlotte Sales Centre

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Charlotte Sales Center

AXXYS’ Charlotte Condos is a 200-unit residential complex in the heart of Montreal’s Griffintown neighborhood. In a competitive real estate landscape, the developers sought to offer a standout sales experience to potential buyers.

Partnering with Immersive, AXXYS debuted a revolutionary immersive sales center powered by CANVAS. Prospective buyers can move freely throughout the space, with various interior options projected at 1-to-1 scale on a wraparound screen, and can customize different layout and decor options in real time — in an open shared space with no VR headsets required.

With life-like resolution, prospective buyers can experiment with multiple configurations, tour common areas, and see potential window and balcony views, all without leaving the sales center — and receive a customized PDF of their selected options to reference.

World One Immersive Experience

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Lodha Group

World One Immersive Experience

Lodha, one of the largest real estate developers in Mumbai, is in the midst of building the world’s tallest luxury residential tower: World One.

In order to take prospective tenants and buyers beyond mere photos and videos, Lodha tapped Immersive Design Studios to build a circular sales center that takes prospective residents on an engaging tour through the tower.

Using CANVAS, this sales center allows visitors to see customizable units in meticulous detail, right down to the ability to change the TV channel. In addition, prospective buyers can tour outdoor spaces, see the view from different units, and experiment with different interior configurations — all within a 1-to-1 scale immersive projection, with no VR headset required. Immersive’s content production team also created all 3D elements based on interior designs from Armani Casa and building specs from I. M. Pei & Associates.


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Immersive Learning Pavilion

Immersive Design Studios collaborated with Ottawa’s College La Cité, a leading applied arts and technology institution, to equip its new 34,000-square-foot immersive learning pavilion Excentricité with CANVAS server technology.

CANVAS powers 360-degree projection capabilities within the pavilion, where instructors can use an iPad to quickly and easily display multimedia content — synchronizing multiple input formats and video resolutions in real time, automatically applying image correction tools for uniformly sharp visual fidelity and color calibration, and displaying the final high-resolution content in 60 frames per second across 13 4K projectors simultaneously. This groundbreaking approach to immersive learning is helping to generate greater collaboration and creativity across multiple disciplines at the college.

Toronto Raptors Pre-Game Show

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Toronto Raptors

Toronto Raptors Pre-Game Show

The Toronto Raptors are one of the NBA’s most beloved franchises. To celebrate their 20th anniversary, Immersive Design Studios partnered with the Raptors and the Scotiabank Arena to project a mesmerizing pre-game show onto the court that combined archival video footage and 3D rendered visuals.

The Immersive team installed a CANVAS system to enable real-time image processing and projection mapping, with warp and blend capabilities for 12 overlapping HD projectors. Each set of projectors mapped in 6K resolution onto the court, delivering super sharp images and inspiring an outpouring of enthusiasm from fans.

They Watch Interactive Installation

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They Watch Interactive Installation

Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke, the co-founders of Immersive Design Studios, were commissioned by New York’s Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center to create the interactive installation They Watch.

Aiming to redefine the concepts of presence, representation, and identity between virtual and physical spaces, Soetens and Van den Bulcke leveraged CANVAS technology to create a full 360-degree environment in which the observer becomes the observed.

As visitors explore the installation, their movements are tracked by a virtual camera, activating two digital characters on a panoramic screen. These characters spontaneously follow, approach, and retreat in response to visitors’ behavior, ultimately creating a unique experience for each visitor and a symbiotic physical and virtual realm.

Realtime Unreal Interactive Installation

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Realtime Unreal

Immersive Design Studios’ co-founders Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke were commissioned to design and create a centerpiece installation for the Museum of the Moving Image’s grand reopening after its redesign and expansion.

Their resulting Real-Time Unreal interactive installation anchored the museum’s Real Virtuality exhibit, and explored the boundaries between real and unreal. The installation features a massive two-sided screen projecting double stereoscopic images of the physical museum, which dynamically reconfigure as visitors move around nearby. The unique real-time positional tracking forces visitors to bridge the gap between their physical and digital surroundings.