Rogers Arena

Vancouver Canucks Projections


CANVAS, Unreal Engine

Wanting to keep pace with the NHL trend for dazzling fans with thrilling pre-game and intermission shows, the Vancouver Canucks approached our team for ideas. We decided to show the franchise just how far it could take immersive on-ice projections with our CANVAS interactive media server.

The result? The Canucks now have a CANVAS installation and their own in-house content production team is effortlessly creating interactive content that’s electrifying crowds and attracting sponsors.


To help the Canucks kick off their 2016-2017 season opener, our content design team used CANVAS and the UE4 engine to create “The Countdown,” a custom-built on-ice pre-game show that had the 18,000+ crowd jumping out of their seats.

To demonstrate CANVAS’ real-time tracking capabilities to the Canucks’ content production team, we tracked the Zamboni as it cleaned the ice between periods. As the vehicle worked its way across the rink, it broke through the 3D ice to reveal an ice-chilled bottle of beer. We also showed off CANVAS’ interactive prowess by testing a live pinball-type game on the ice, by projecting a trailer for Epic Games’ new multiplayer game, Paragon, and by playing games from the UE4 store directly on the ice without any modifications. These showcases proved to the Canucks’ content team that CANVAS could play virtually any game on ice, right out of the box.