How CANVAS works

Interactive Media Server

Single platform incorporating show control, interactive content server, multi-projector setup and calibration, warping, blending, tracking and more.

Games – Videos – Capture

Designed for game engine content, high-resolution video playback and live camera capture.

Any Content – Any Surface – Any Size

Project any real time and playback content onto larger-than-life surfaces with multi-projector setups.


All-in-One Platform

➞ CANVAS lets you do it all from a single platform: Show control (timeline, DMX, scripting) for game content, playback and capture.

➞ Manage and calibrate multi-projector setups, warp & blend content in real time.

➞ CANVAS is compatible with any media source or hardware on the market today, giving you full creative flexibility from a single, easy-to-use interface.

Project Any Content

➞ CANVAS makes it easy to bring content created with game engines (such as UE4), including VR, to large-scale displays for professional and enterprise applications.

➞ CANVAS also handles video playback and captured content like a pro.

➞ Connect up to 16 HD screens or projectors to a single CANVAS unit to show games, videos and live capture as one full image.

Stunning Image Quality

➞ CANVAS uses the fastest graphics cards and supports up to 32HD outputs from a single unit, at 8 or 10 bit image quality, with no compression of the color space.

➞ CANVAS also supports genlock/framelock for striking, broadcast-grade image quality.

➞ Even in multi-projector setups on challenging surfaces like ice, CANVAS produces image quality that’s 10 times sharper than the best regular projection mapping out there.


➞ Forget hours of manually calibrating each projector. Just one CANVAS unit can get the job done in 15 minutes for a 12 projector setup. Need to calibrate projectors in real time while the content is running? The intuitive interface makes that easy, too.

➞ Easy pixel mapping directly in CANVAS to avoid distorting your content.

➞ Fail-safe live-unit redundancy ensures flawless, disruption-free projections, no matter the venue.

Small footprint

➞ Do more with one CANVAS server than what you currently do with an entire room of equipment. The tiny hardware footprint will save you money, time and hassles.

➞ No more endless individual components to manage, transport and troubleshoot.


➞ Leading integrators like Solotech, Alford Media and NVidia as well as top design teams such as 4U2C rely on CANVAS to produce crowd-thrilling shared immersive experiences for non-gaming applications. The intuitive interface even makes it easy for non-tech companies like the Vancouver Canucks to present crowd-thrilling live projections.

➞ We’re also constantly improving the platform with new features such as automatic calibration and shadow corrections, and a system that tracks a moving 3D object on the projected surface.