We are the creators of CANVAS, an interactive media server that creates exciting new possibilities for AR, VR, and MR in non-gaming applications. Built on powerful game engine technology, CANVAS makes bringing real time content to large-scale multi-screen projections incredibly easy – without the need for isolating VR goggles.


We are also a team of creative thinkers with backgrounds in art, architecture, design, communication, computer science, and engineering. At the intersection of business, tech and cultural communities, we conceive and implement unique, highly immersive experiences integrating art, design, computer engineering and digital media.



CANVAS interactive media server is an all-in-one platform that harnesses the power of 3D game technology to meet a growing demand for interactive and immersive shared environments in enterprise applications. It bridges the problematic gap between the hardware-reliant AV industry, which projects such environments onto large screens, and the software-based game industry, which makes these interactive and immersive shared environments possible in the first place. Designed for large-scale projections of real time 3D content, CANVAS also offers impressive high-resolution video playback and capture.

With CANVAS, you can project any type of content onto any surface of any size, with any number of projectors – with only a fraction of the equipment and set-up time required in a typical multi-screen projection.



To showcase the potential enterprise applications of our CANVAS platform and its ever-evolving capabilities, our in-house content creation and design team also accepts select mandates for custom-built immersive projects from some of the world’s leading organizations in real estate, tech, sports and entertainment, and culture and the arts.

Our immersive experiences continuously push the limits of what is technologically possible. There are many teams out there that can produce impressive videos, but few can conceive and build breathtaking immersive experiences featuring real-time 3D and interactive content.




Our fully stacked in-house CANVAS software development team is here to support you and your projects. We are constantly updating and adding new features to keep CANVAS the most powerful and versatile interactive media server on the market.

Our CANVAS license includes:

  • CANVAS software license
  • CANVAS server hardware
  • Technical planning for integrating CANVAS in your AV pipeline
  • Integration, installation & setup
  • Support plan (optional)

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We offer fully turnkey shared immersive experiences. Our multidisciplinary team can handle the entire process, from ideation to execution. If desired, we can work with your in-house team or bring in our partner integrators to ensure a flawless experience.

Our IMMERSIVE solutions include:

  • Ideation & concept development
  • Content creation (3D, AR, MR, VR)
  • Environment design & integration
  • On-site show control
  • Support (optional)

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We work closely with a growing number of industry leaders. We immerse ourselves in their culture and community in order to create unique immersive experiences that achieve the desired impact. We partner with the world’s top integrators to ensure the flawless execution of our projects.

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We are supported by the Canada Media Fund for CANVAS and Templates.

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We are proud sponsors of Polygames and Execution labs, and welcome other opportunities to promote the development of new talent.

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