Charlotte Sales Center

AXXYS’ Charlotte Condos is a 200-unit residential complex in the heart of Montreal’s Griffintown neighborhood. In a competitive real estate landscape, the developers sought to offer a standout sales experience to potential buyers.

Partnering with Immersive, AXXYS debuted a revolutionary immersive sales center powered by CANVAS. Prospective buyers can move freely throughout the space, with various interior options projected at 1-to-1 scale on a wraparound screen, and can customize different layout and decor options in real time — in an open shared space with no VR headsets required.

With life-like resolution, prospective buyers can experiment with multiple configurations, tour common areas, and see potential window and balcony views, all without leaving the sales center — and receive a customized PDF of their selected options to reference.


50% of phase I sold on sales center’s opening day.

First 3 people entering center bought.

Sales of phase II started 2 weeks after launch instead of 1 year.

Clients stayed 3 times longer in the sales center