Charlotte Immersive Experience


The Charlotte project is a 200 units residential condominium development situated in Montreal’s Griffintown district.

The client wanted to give potential buyers a unique experience to accelerate sales in a competitive landscape.


Thanks to the non-linear virtual experience achieved with CANVAS, buyers can move around the space freely and interact with their surroundings as if they were really there. They can select any apartment model, configure their kitchen and bathroom to their tastes and appreciate the views from their future windows or balcony. Even before finishing their visit, buyers receive a PDF file with all their configurations.

The environment’s 1-to-1 scale and high-resolution 3D rendering of the project is both incredibly life-like and seductive.


50% of phase I sold on sales center’s opening day.

First 3 people entering center bought.

Sales of phase II started 2 weeks after launch instead of 1 year.

Clients stayed 3 times longer in the sales center