Tony Robbins

UPW Virtual

Our CANVAS technology platform enabled Tony Robbins to completely reimagine and transform his signature Unleash The Power Within (UPW) events amid the COVID era. For years, he has relied on physical in-person events to share his motivational lessons and authentically connect with his audiences. When COVID hit, he called on Immersive Design Studios to help him deliver the same powerful experience virtually.

We worked with Tony and his team to design and outfit a virtual CANVAS studio, complete with two immense 180-degree wraparound screens. This immersive setup allowed Tony to address a record-breaking crowd of 23,000 participants, all of whom joined remotely. CANVAS removed the constraints of a typical video grid, so that Tony could be surrounded by the participants on the screens in real time, and achieve spontaneous two-way interactivity with any participant at any moment. All the while, he could move freely throughout the expansive studio space, with the screens showing dynamic 3D environments for the audience, and the ability to integrate elements such as live performers, music, lighting and visual effects on the fly.

Tony’s CANVAS studio provided a safe and engaging new way for him to connect with his audience virtually, while maintaining the level of intimacy, energy, and improvisation for which he is known. This experience raised the bar for what can be achieved with a live virtual event, and Tony has since hosted several others, with more to come. 

Watch full video with sound of the event here