Realtime Unreal


CANVAS, Unreal Engine

Immersive Design Studios’ co-founders Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke were commissioned to design and create a centerpiece installation for the Museum of the Moving Image’s grand reopening after its redesign and expansion.

Their resulting Real-Time Unreal interactive installation anchored the museum’s Real Virtuality exhibit, and explored the boundaries between real and unreal. The installation features a massive two-sided screen projecting double stereoscopic images of the physical museum, which dynamically reconfigure as visitors move around nearby. The unique real-time positional tracking forces visitors to bridge the gap between their physical and digital surroundings.

"RealTime Unreal plunges us into an almost destabilizing state of floating somewhere between the real and the unreal. As the ever expanding and transforming hybrid spaces and sound environment generate new representations, it leaves the observer with an almost giddy sense of loss of reference points.”


“Intense and enigmatic.”