League of Legends Finale powered by CANVAS

Today we’re sharing new details on how we created and powered a fully remote virtual studio for Riot Games’ League Championship Series (LCS), the third-most popular major professional sports league among 18 to 34-year-olds in the United States. Amid the COVID-19 shutdown, CANVAS powered the live production for each LCS Summer Split match, handling the 3D virtual environments, seamless integration of remote video feeds from analysts and players, dynamic virtual camera movements with over 75 virtual cameras, and more. Using the CANVAS API, the LCS team easily integrated CANVAS into their existing broadcast workflow for live, fully cloud-based control over all components of the virtual studio with nothing more than an iPad. Immersive also designed the virtual LCS DOME, set in a lush island landscape with a variety of elegant interior environments for live commentary, post-match analysis, player interviews and more, with clear paneling to incorporate views and physically-accurate lighting from the surrounding world.