New CANVAS Immersive Classroom Inaugurated by Prime Minister of Quebec

We’re thrilled to partner with CFP des Riverains, a local vocational school here in Montreal, on the debut of their new immersive classroom! Now operational for students and faculty, the classroom is powered by CANVAS to immerse students in a dynamic, stimulating 360-environment projected onto wraparound screens. The setup allows students to receive more meaningful training and education as they can collaborate with each other within a fully immersive shared environment. With just a few clicks, CANVAS lets students transform their virtual environment, providing a range of training scenarios in an instant. Our team worked closely with CFP des Riverains in developing the classroom to meet their goals of preparing students to enter a rapidly evolving and technologically savvy labor market. It was an honor to have the Premier of Quebec, Mr. François Legault, speak at the classroom’s opening ceremony this month.

Visit CFP des Riverains’ website to read more about the classroom and to watch a video recap of the opening ceremony.