CANVAS Platform Driving the Future of Hybrid Education

MONTREAL, Quebec, August 25, 2022 – College La Cité, Ottawa’s leading applied arts and technology institution, is once again pioneering in next-gen education and performance – by being among the world’s first institutions of higher learning to integrate Zoom in a metaverse-like experience for their virtual and hybrid educational presentations.

To get there, College La Cité is continuing its long-standing partnership with Immersive Design Studios by investing in the firm’s latest generation CANVAS software platform, which has been powering the school’s ground-breaking in-class 360-degree interactive immersive experiences since 2018.

Excentricité is College La Cité’s 34,000-square-foot immersive learning pavilion. Its centerpiece – a 4,000-square-foot adaptable hub called The Studio – boasts a 252-foot wraparound screen and 360-degree sound, all powered by CANVAS. The CANVAS upgrade introduces the platform’s most advanced immersive technologies, along with Zoom, cloud and hybrid cloud delivery.

“CANVAS makes it incredibly easy to bring interactive immersive experiences into classrooms, boardrooms or even onto the stage,” said Thomas Soetens, Co-Founder of Immersive Design Studios. “With a simple iPad, teachers and presenters can easily manage any combination of content (Zoom, Unreal Engine, 360 videos, keynotes, green screen, etc.), thereby engendering truly engaging and impactful interactions with audiences, live and virtual.”

“La Cité aims to be at the cutting edge of education,” said Pierre Paul Samson, Head of the Ideation and Creativity Office and Chief Digital & Technology Officer at Collège La Cité. “Our teachers love the user-friendly aspect of CANVAS and we can’t wait to experiment with new educational formats during our digital communication and media studies workshops, with students attending both in person and remotely.”