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IMMERSIVE Design Studios was founded in 2007 by Thomas Soetens and Kora Van den Bulcke, the duo behind the successful digital arts collective Workspace Unlimited.

IMMERSIVE was created with the goal of harnessing the power of 3D game technology to meet a growing demand for interactive and immersive shared environments in enterprise applications.

The IMMERSIVE team is split into two units. Our software development unit develops CANVAS, our proprietary interactive media server; our content production unit creates fully turnkey immersive experiences in order to showcase CANVAS’ full capabilities.



Thomas Soetens

Thomas is passionate about pushing the limits of immersive and projection technologies. His specialty lies in his ability to bridge the gap between the artistic and technological aspects of immersive design. As Research Director, Thomas has spearheaded the development of CANVAS, Immersive’s ground-breaking interactive media server that expands the possibilities for creating shared experiences.


We are Software developers…

Our growing in-house team of software architects and developers routinely accomplish feats that global companies can only dream about. Under the leadership of Thomas Soetens, our team has developed our proprietary CANVAS software from scratch – handling everything from R&D to productization.

Our team works with the world’s most advanced technologies and graphics cards to constantly push the boundaries of GPU-based software. We also support game engine software such as UE4 and any other directX-based games, and Nvidia regularly showcases our achievements at GTC and Siggraph. It’s the perfect environment with endless possibilities for driven programmers.

Kora Van den Bulcke

Kora has long been driven by two passions: architecture and 3D gaming technology. As Creative Director, she explores these duel passions on a daily basis. Heading a talented team of creative and software experts, Kora leverages CANVAS interactive media server software to create game-changing custom-built shared immersive experiences for industry-leading enterprises around the world.


We are also designers

Our in-house content team of architects, designers and technical artists thrives on challenge. In fact, our large-scale, high-profile projects have become famous for taking shared immersive 3D experiences to places never before seen. Under the direction of Kora Van den Bulcke, our team does it all: concept development, visual design, 3D creation, interaction design and game-level scripting.

We also routinely team up with leading industry partners, whether it’s to integrate world-class video and sound production in our projects or to produce the architectural environments and interior design where a setup will take place. Our team is the ideal environment for designers who enthusiastically embrace new technologies.

Tim Leyne


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Alexandre V

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