Zoomtopia 2022 propulsé par CANVAS gagne le prix du meilleur événement Hybride par Ex-Awards!

La version en francais viendra sous peu!

Immersive Design Studios took Zoomtopia’s opening keynote by Zoom CEO Eric Yuan to a whole new level this year. We combined the strength of the Zoom platform with an immersive experience powered by CANVAS to seamlessly blend Zoom participants, keynote presentations, live product demos, social media feeds and realtime Zoom chats & emoticons – all inside a 3D Unreal Engine Zoom-branded environment.

To achieve this highly responsive and larger-than-life virtual environment, we equipped the main stage with CANVAS to power a massive 20K LED wall. Throughout the keynote, from a pool of  thousands of participants joining via Zoom, up to 30 appeared randomly on screen – not in a grid, but as 3D bubbles floating in virtual space surrounded by animated emojis, floating chat messages and live media presentations with 16K video backgrounds.

In fact, to create these responsive graphics, CANVAS pulled and translated via OSC live data such as the reactions and chat messages from the Zoom participants, as well as the web feeds from Zoomtopia’s social media.

The result? A one-of-a-kind immersive hybrid conference with rich visuals and a high level of audience engagement.

Parties involved in creating this hybrid event:

Media server platform: CANVAS

Conference platform: Zoom, Zoom ISO, Zoom OSC

CANVAS content production: Immersive Design Studios

Event Production: Four Moon Productions

Event Agency: Agency EA