SL Green

One Vanderbilt Immersive Experience


SL Green Realty Corp. is NYC’s largest office landlord. Its most recent project, One Vanderbilt Avenue, is a 58-storey, 1.7 million-ft2 mega tower currently under construction across Grand Central Terminal. Given the stiff competition for commercial tenants in the city, our customer needed persuasive marketing collaterals to maximize occupancy quickly.


At its investor conference in December, SL Green Realty Corp. gave investors a preview of the type of bold marketing tactics it had in mind: A real-as-life virtual visit of the lobby and interior spaces – complete with the jaw-dropping 1,401-foot views.

Investors were so impressed by the immersive VR environment that SL Green immediately gave us the full mandate and control of the project. The full virtual experience, once completed, will be a game-changer in how office buildings are marketed.


SL Green was able to finalize its investment needs in a single presentation.

Sales outpacing forecasts.

Customized branding accelerated sales to major clients.