In 2013, we won a mandate to create an immersive real estate sales center in what will end up being the world’s tallest residential tower situated in Mumbai, scheduled to be completed 2016 (see World One – Augmented). Our client Lodha Group wanted to create a unique sales environment that would reflect the sophisticated nature of the architecture, all the while creating a memorable one-of-a-kind experience for potential buyers of the development’s units.

From the outset, our goal was to create an entirely user-centric and exploratory experience, beyond a simple visit to a model unit. With the immersive sales center, users begin their visit as they might approach their future home in real life, by driving up the driveway towards the residential tower, where they are greeted by a life-like receptionist.

From the moment the journey begins, the user is in control of where they choose to go, whether it’s to check out a large unit on the 80th floor, or a smaller one on the 10th, visit the gardens and basketball courts, or spend some time at the spa. The entire experience is dynamic and surprisingly life-like, due to the highly realistic quality of the renderings – you really feel like you’re there, checking out the incredible views, and the luxury finishes in each room. In each space, we’ve added transparent layers of augmented reality, allowing visitors to play around with different finishes in the kitchen, or different furniture arrangements.

We’ve also integrated high resolution playback features, integrating video content within the experience, as well as the ability to play live Apple TV as the user explores the living room environment. The overall experience is extremely life-like, personal and inviting, and allows the flexibility of showing and selling many different types of units and environments, before they are built.

The project is progressing quickly, check out the walk-through demo below for a more in-depth look!