• Museum commission
  • Creative direction
  • Virtual world creation using IMMERSIVE
  • Audio-visual production
  • Technical supervision

Over the years, our art installations have placed visitors in navigable virtual worlds that offered alternate realities, but still required them to explore these worlds on their own with a mouse and keyboard. In They Watch, we rendered the experience truly intimate by reversing the traditional directionality of art appreciation in which the visitor observes the artwork. Virtual characters became the audience in this immersive installation, watching visitors wherever they moved.

We elaborated on bodily movements and the perception of presence in an indeterminate virtual space while in the company of simulated people by effectively transforming the physical space itself into the interface with the virtual world. The visitor’s movement around the physical space amounted to a virtual presence and eliminated the need for a mouse and keyboard, yielding a challenging hybrid space where the co-dependent physical and simulated space pervert the unidirectional implication of the real and simulacrum.

Unlike with our previous virtual worlds, visitors entered at the centre of They Watch and proceeded to explore the installation from the centre of a virtual world. This work had no narrative to reveal over time, no place to go in the virtual world. Since the virtual space perfectly overlapped the physical space, visitors walked simultaneously around the coincidental physical and virtual spaces together, eliminating the distinction between them entirely.