• Project concept for corporate conference
  • Project narrative
  • Virtual world creation using IMMERSIVE
  • Audio-visual production

When Prudential Real Estate and Relocation needed to introduce its new CEO to an audience of over 3,000 real estate brokers and agents at its annual sales convention in Austin, Texas, they turned to us. Instead of a typical speech, the CEO took the audience on a tour of a virtual house of his dreams projected on an enormous screen directly behind him – creating the strong illusion that he was presenting from within the home.

As the CEO’s tour progressed, his comments on the impact and potential of new technologies and innovations were vividly illustrated within the virtual world environment that we had created. One of the highlights of the tour was when the CEO encountered the President of Prudential Real Estate within a virtual home. After a brief live conversation the CEO invited the President to join him, at which point the President stepped out of the virtual world environment directly onto the real world stage. This dramatic surprise – the merging of the virtual and the real – created a high-impact emotional reaction within the audience, something that could not have been achieved without our proprietary IMMERSIVE technology.