• Featuring CANVAS technology solution
  • Optimizing ice projection quality
  • Onsite audio-visual installation
  • Technical supervision
  • Collaboration with visual content creators Solotech

The 21,273 seat Bell Centre in Montreal is known among sports fans for incorporating cutting edge technology into its live games and pre-show performances. Aiming to take their dynamic visual displays to another level, the Bell Centre sought us out through AV systems integration leader Solotech to project 6K-resolution video feeds directly onto the ice rink surface. Our R&D team built a GPU oriented solution in order to complete image processing (warp, blend color correction and pixel mapping) at the source, thereby eliminating the cumbersome AV tools that traditionally live between the image feed and the projector.

Using our proprietary software CANVAS, which enables up to 16 HD projections onto any kind of surface, the image quality on ice surfaces is dramatically improved, rendering the image almost as sharp as on regular surfaces. We cut projector calibration time from 8-12 hours down to just three minutes.

The impact was immediately groundbreaking. Hockey pre-game shows are not typically televised, especially since the image quality of ice projections, which is often poor to begin with, decreases even further in broadcast. However after seeing CANVAS tests and its impeccably clear imagery, the Bell Centre decided to make CANVAS the first ever live televised hockey pre-game show. Check out this very positive review on USA Today: “The Montreal Canadiens pregame intro should be enough to win the Stanley Cup” or check out a video of the pregame show here.