• Project concept for corporate conference
  • Creative direction
  • Virtual world creation using IMMERSIVE

The Deutsche Bank annual Senior Management Conference is a key annual event, hosting the bank’s most senior executives from around the world, gathering to discuss progress on the implementation of global strategy. In early 2014, we pitched a concept that represented the sophisticated nature of the Deutsche Bank brand. After a year involving corporate restructuring and a challenging international economic environment, the tone of the conference was intended to represent confidence and consistency – demonstrating Deutsche Bank’s strength in the face of change and adversity. With this in mind, we proposed a sophisticated content development strategy – enabling Deutsche Bank to benefit from an environment and presentation scenario that reflects its global presence and agile-minded approach to innovation.

The proposed environment was intuitive and fluid, without the need for extensive explanation or guidance. The speaker would always have the sense that they were in control, that the technology was following them – not the reverse. From the speaker’s perspective, the entire environment would feel like a natural extension of their message. Unlike a linear presentation, our approach is user-centric and exploratory. Following a structured narrative, the order in which the speaker explores the environment is flexible, adapting to his or her speaking style, rhythm, or questions from the audience.