• Cultural festival commission
  • Creative direction
  • Virtual world creation using IMMERSIVE
  • Audio-visual production
  • Technical supervision

Devmap was originally commissioned by the Dutch Electronic Art Festival (DEAF), a biannual international interdisciplinary festival organized by V2_ in Rotterdam in 2004. For the Experimental Media and Performance Art Centre in 2011, we examined how a temporary media art festival might be re-coded as a constantly expanding, spatially indeterminate environment influenced and shaped by users’ individual paths through real time data.

During the festival, Devmap was tied into the festival’s network, intercepting live audio-visual streams and data flows connected with the festival and the other new-media artworks on display. Webcam images of events, broadcast streams, artist interviews, online webgrabs and reports were captured as they occurred in real time. These were instantly ported to a computer, while a modified Quake 3 game engine continuously retrieved, remixed, and morphed the data, which participants accessed at the festival or remotely in Montreal and Ghent. As members of an online audience moved their avatars through the environment and chose particular paths to explore, the software responded by transforming and manipulating the data into a constantly morphing fluid virtual world.

Devmap produced a poetic memory of the event – full of lapses, mutations, and shifting juxtapositions. An organic archive of the event was fed back to each festival participant as a unique individually created experience. In 2011 at the Experimental Media and Performance Art Centre in New York, Devmap was recreated, using data stored from the prior event in Amsterdam. The experience in New York was the culmination of what had happened in Amsterdam, a database of images, textures creating a rich virtual environment.