• Project concept for corporate conference
  • Project narrative
  • Virtual world creation using IMMERSIVE
  • Audio-visual production

For an annual client conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, Prudential Retirement turned to us to help define the challenges individuals face as they try to navigate the path to a secure retirement. We created a virtual environment consisting of vast desert landscape with a distant oasis as a metaphor for the retirement “no man’s land” that individuals sometimes must face in order to reach the destination of their dreams. Over the course of the conference, speakers took to the stage to talk about how Prudential Retirement could help. All presentation content such as text, images and movies was seamlessly integrated into the desert landscape in realtime as free form elements (as opposed to the use of PowerPoint slides).

As the conference progressed, the virtual space slowly evolved through retirement desert obstacles and mirages towards an ever closer oasis – reaching the final destination as Prudential Retirements CEO took to the stage for his keynote address. This enveloping environment was key to ensuring that the audience was captivated throughout the presentation, building up to a high-impact emotional finale.