• Project concept
  • Creative direction
  • Virtual world creation with IMMERSIVE
  • Audio-visual production
  • Technical supervision

When the Museum of the Moving Image in New York opened its redesigned and expanded building in  2011 after a 67 million dollar renovation, they were seeking artists and creative collaborators to exhibit work and develop projects marking the big occasion. In addition to creating the Real Virtuality exhibition, Immersive Design Studios also developed an immersive environment for Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s speech at the inaugural event.

We were mandated to create a piece for the moment when Mayor Bloomberg entered the room – using stereoscopic projection in the entire museum theatre. What initially looked like abstract designs enveloping the entire space, gradually morphed into a hyper-realistic and recognizable virtual rendition of the theatre itself. The “wow” factor came when Mayor Bloomberg carried out a virtual introduction, quickly followed by his surprising live presence in the theatre. The quality of the stunt was a perfect fit to mark this significant moment in the museum’s development.