If you’re heading to SIGGRAPH next week, we’d love to see you! Our Co-Founder & Research Director Thomas Soetens will be giving a talk as part of the “Best of GTC” series with NVIDIA: 

Canvas: GPU Image Processing on Giant Surfaces
Wednesday August 12, 2015
4 pm
Booth #500
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Abstract: We are bridging the transition from FPGA to GPU-based image processing with our proprietary software – CANVAS, a platform designed for AV applications such as multi-screen warping, blending, pixel-mapping and color matching. We will present a case study based on a project at Montreal’s Bell Centre hockey arena, featuring projections on ice during the 2013 NHL playoffs. The installation required image warping and blending with 12 overlapping projectors – each set of 6 projectors mapping in 6K on the arena ice. The use of CANVAS allowed for pixel-by-pixel resolution, easy warping and blending, as well as cutting the projector calibration time from 8 to 12 hours down to just 15 minutes. Attendees will learn how to push the limits of GPUs.