We’re still buzzing from our week at Nvidia’s GTC Conference in San Jose – the world’s largest and most important event for GPU developers that took place from March 16th to 20th. Not only were we able to give a talk about our CANVAS software, we also brought our team of developers and designers to take it all in and make valuable connections.

Our co-founder Thomas Soetens gave a talk entitled “Canvas: GPU Image Processing on Giant Surfaces” on Wednesday which was well attended by conference participants. It was great to see that the crowd was interested not only in the technological aspects of our software Canvas, but also the many real-world applications and possibilities for high-resolution projections in arenas and sports centres across North-America. We were also excited to notice that other speakers were referencing our work at the Bell Centre during the NHL playoffs last year!

One of our favourites talks was by Eric Risser, founder of Artomatix, who discussed automating the creation art for massive virtual environments, such as vistas in video games. Our team had a good chat with him and we’re eager to try their Beta version. We also enjoyed Google’s Project Tango demo, showcasing a development platform powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra K1 system-on-a-chip. Built for Android devices, Project Tango is able to track and map its surroundings in real time, by adding advanced computer vision, image processing and specialized sensors. There is a lot of potential here in terms of merging real and virtual space. This is something that we’ve been working on for a while, so it’s great to see that it’s finally being taken seriously!

Nvidia's opening keynote presentation - great graphics!

Nvidia’s opening keynote presentation – great graphics!

We also had the chance to sit in on the Redshift sessions and meet two of the founders, Robert Slater and Panagiotis Zompolas, at their booth in the Exhibit hall. We’ve been beta-testing their GPU rendering engine for some time and are huge fans of what they’re creating. They gave us some hints about some of their upcoming features, and let’s just say, the term “life-changing” was mentioned once or twice…

In terms of conference takeaways and outcomes, we’re currently working on a project with Nvidia’s events team about the possibility of collaborating on an immersive presentation design, so it was great to see CEO Jen Hsun Huang’s keynote presentation. Our designers were able to experience Nvidia’s presentation style firsthand, and get a sense of the energy in the room. It was inspiring to see their talks, and see where we could make suggestions for improvements using our IMMERSIVE software.

Immersive Design Studios represent! Art Director Jaclyn Turner was the lucky winner of a hot-off-the-press Titan X

Immersive Design Studios represent! Art Director Jaclyn Turner was the lucky winner of a hot-off-the-press Titan X

So all in all it was a great week! Meeting the Nvidia teams in person was amazing. We’re inspired to continue collaborating with this GPU powerhouse and plan to put their new supercard Titan X to good use!